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Conference Committee

  • Chair:  Matt Tobel and Jana Lee Lowenstein
  • Zeke Oaks
  • Richard Rudeen
  • Carole Grinde 
  • Christina Blondeheim
  • Shannon Brown 
  • Kristi Lunde 
  • Kyle Werremeyer 
  • Sarah Ritter 
  • Sandy McKinney

Education Committee

  • Chair: Kristi Paulsen

    Angela Chrz

    Carrie Dare

    Lorraine (Rainey) Johnson

    Amy Jurek

    Brandon Full

  • Tracy Novotny

Membership Committee

  • Chair: Kyle Werremeyer
  • Rachel Barnett
  • David Monical
  • Michael Sturm

Community Cares Committee

  • Chair:  Carole Grinderen 
  • Vicki Jacoby
  • Cheryl Matz

If you have an interest in joining one of our committees, please email your contact info to!
We would love to have you!

Communications Committee

  • Chair: Shannon Brown
  • Emily Pederson
  • Connor Mattison

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