Do you have a session or speaker to recommend for the conference?

  • August 10, 2018 11:47 AM
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    We are looking for content for our MERC 2019 Annual Conference February 26, 2019. If you have seen a panel or speaker at another event or know of a great speaker please let us know! If it's you please fill our our speaker submission form. This is just for referrals. 

  • August 21, 2018 6:00 PM
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    Martin Foxwell

    Hi, I'm Martin Foxwell with Bristol Global Mobility.  I've been in the mobility field for over 28 years in a variety of senior roles including consultant, corporate practitioner, head of sales, marketing and communications.

    I will be leading an ERC webinar on international policy segmentation (multi-tiered policies) on Sept 20.  I would be pleased to consider delivering an updated, interactive consulting session along these same lines for MERC in February 2019 if you may be interested and think it could be a good fit for your audience.

    Here's a link to the session description:

    I may be reached at or 415-686-8029.

    LinkedIn profile here.

    Bristol also plans to sponsor MERC in 2019.  Looking forward to seeing you!


    ERC SESSION DESCRIPTION (may be updated and adapted for MERC):

    The pace of change in Global Mobility is accelerating like never before.  Companies today are in a seemingly perpetual state of review, refinement and development of new mobility policies to meet the rapidly changing demands of their businesses and transferees.

    What is driving this transformation?  It is already a modern cliché to say that the “new generation” of transferee is reshaping the mobility landscape through different needs and expectations.   While this may be true in part, the accelerating trend towards multi-policies and flexibility is due to many factors not strictly generational, including:

    • Continued alignment of global mobility to overall business and talent management strategies;
    • Business units’ desire for maximum flexibility and customization, often driven by Talent Acquisition and Recruiting;
    • Persistent demand for cost containment and reduction;
    • Technological revolution and 24/7 accessibility giving rise to the ability to be more productive remotely and on a commuter basis;
    • Rise of the gig economy;
    • Barriers to relocation including family reluctance and assignments to difficult locations.

    In 2018 we are seeing traditional 1-5 year “Expat”/ Long Term Assignment (LTA) policies recede as just one of several approaches.  In fact, many companies now start with the idea of Local, Commuter and/or Short-Term arrangements, only utilizing a traditional LTA policy if the precise circumstances warrant.  

    In this information-packed session we will explore the applications of the classic LTA policy in its modern, evolving form as well as the circumstances and structure of so-called “Alternative” policies including:

    • Local-Plus, Local and Permanent
    • Commuter
    • Extended Business Traveler (EBT)
    • Short-Term Assignment
    • Developmental / Early Career

    You will come away with a deeper understanding of global competitive practices and where your company stands in relation to them.  Please join us!

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